Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last fall we decided to put Sienna in dance. At first we weren't sure if she would stick it out, but it wasn't too long before she was loving it! She went to 2 competitions (where she won 2 trophies!) and she had a spring recital. I really didn't have high expectations for her first year - I was just hoping she would at least be brave enough to go out on the floor. Well, not only was she not the least bit nervous for any of her performances....she followed along with every dance and did so good. We were so proud of her! Today was her last day of class so they got to have a party. She is already excited for next year! Thank you to all of her family who came to support her. xoxo

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

This last month we have made 2 more trips to Mesquite- we love it there! My nephews had a baseball tournament and then we spent Easter there too. Sienna can't get enough of the water- she would swim all day if we let her. For now, we just swim in the hot tub because the pool is too cold. Last weekend Sienna tripped over her blanket and fell into the pool- good thing Uncle Chase is pretty fast and had her out before she could go all the way under. I'm sure it was pretty cold but she was tough! Thanks Chase!

Sienna's best friend- she loves Issi!

Sienna and the boys

Grandpa has to get a picture with all of his girls!

Such a cute little face! (I might be biased)

My little monkey!

Most of the crew, minus a few girls who went missing!

I love this picture of Sienna with Aunt Cristy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remind me again why we live in this cold weather...

A couple of weeks ago, AJ had a work convention in St. George for a week, so Sienna and I went to Mesquite to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa in the warm weather. It was so nice! Sienna loves to be outside, so we went for walks, blew bubbles, swam in the hot tub, and suntanned. We loved it! And AJ got to golf the new course behind my parent's house so he was excited. Thanks mom and dad for the great week!

This is Sienna's 'funny face'. We don't know where she picked it up but it is pretty funny!

Sienna loved feeding the ducks! The would literally eat right out of our hands.

Probably one of my favorite pictures!

Sienna finally got to hold the twins- aren't they so cute! They are getting so big, and I got Kelly laughing pretty good- it made my night!

This is my new niece Chloe- she is so gorgeous! Sienna is lucky to have so many cousins close to her age.

When Barney is on, Sienna won't take her eyes off the TV, its kinda funny. But that is the only show she likes, so we get pretty sick of Barney.

Back to the snow... but we made the best out of it. Sienna loved our snowman!

For my nephew Drake's birthday, he wanted to go roast hot dogs and shoot guns (such a guy huh). We had so much fun- we are ready for spring though! I think Sienna will love camping.


As some of you may know, AJ has recently started on his Master's degree in Management/Public Administration. It looks like our lives are about to get a little crazier because I will be starting pharmacy school in August- I decided to give it another try this year and I was accepted to the University of Utah! So...both of us in school...with a kid...crazy right? I know! But we are both really excited.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009. Sienna only liked Santa when all 3 of us were on his lap, and he gave her a candy cane! But she wasn't about to sit on his knee alone.

AJ's family has a tradition every Christmas Eve- they act out the nativity scene. Sienna mostly created havoc by steeling everyone's masks and taking off with both of the ponies. We tried to make it a spiritual moment but I couldn't help but laugh!

Cute pic of AJ with Sienna.

She was really getting the hang of opening presents.

The finished product- after AJ spent an hour putting it together.

We woke Sienna up on Christmas morning and one of her eyes was swollen shut! We still don't know what happened - a spider bite maybe? Luckily the swelling went away pretty fast and she was fine.

Sienna loved the pony Santa brought her! She kept laughing and clapping her hands.

When Sienna finished opening her presents, she helped Dad open his too!

This is a quilt I made for Tara to thank her for all of her help watching Sienna
when I work.

Christmas Day 2009. I love my family!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Okay so I need to do some catching up from Thanksgiving and Halloween. For Thanksgiving, we spent the weekend in Delta at my parent's house. Dinner was great and Sienna had us all laughing. AJ kept busy helping my dad do finish work in their basement, and the girls went to the Festival of Trees. Later we all went to the light parade and Sienna loved the lights!

Sienna loves Grandpa Bill!

Sienna made the cutest little cow! She loved her costume and all of the candy.

The week of Halloween we went with all of AJ's family to the pumpkin patch so all the grandkids could pick out pumpkins. Then we went to his parent's house to carve them and have chili and doughnuts- such a fun tradition! It was a huge mess but the pumpkins turned out great.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Sienna!!!

Sienna turned 1 on October 24th. I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. She has gotten so big! AJ and I love her so much, and we can't imagine what we would do without her. She has been the greatest blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday Sienna! We love you!

We had a big birthday party with both of our families. Of course it had to be a Barney party, since he is Sienna's absolute favorite.

We attempted to blow out candles but Sienna just wanted to eat the cake!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Sienna's birthday we all went to the zoo. It was so much fun- Sienna loves animals. We got to see baby monkies, elephants, giraffes, and tigers. That was my favorite part. The zoo was packed and it started to rain right before we left, but we had a great time.

All of the cousins! We got to see the new baby elephant. It was so cute- Sienna loved it.

I love this picture of Grandma Carrie and Sienna- she knows how to make CC laugh!